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Members Meeting 19th September 2001

Meeting 'TrustSTFC' Special general meeting
Venue 'Winners'
Date 19/09/2001
Time 8.00 - 10.00 pm
Present 'TrustSTFC members

Tony Norris welcomed everybody to the meeting before handing over to Leigh Collett who gave a brief outline of why the meeting was called and the agenda for the evening Activity to date

Leigh reported that in the first five weeks the trust had achieved a membership of 120 and had generated the following income
9250 in the loan fund
3000 in members subscriptions
2700 in donations

Also the 'Trust has :-

  • Established contact with the council and local councillors
  • Made significant progress on the 'Trust' office
  • Established excellent local media contacts
  • The 'Trust' has not achieved the following
  • The number of members expected
  • The level of 'TrustSTFC' awareness expected
  • Significant progress with business sponsorship.

These matters were discussed by all those in attendance. Points raised included

  • The lack of coverage by HTV and Central even though they had been invited to attend the launch meeting
  • Advertising on GWR Concerns expressed about the cost
  • Fans do not see the 'Trust' doing anything
  • The need to get sponsorship from local businesses(some success with getting help with the office but not a lot else)
  • Increasing the membership
  • Apathy amongst STFC supporters
  • The loss of the feeling of 'revolution' generated at the original public meeting.
  • The lack of a perceived crisis at present
  • More headline grabbing 'tags'
  • More 'upfront' attitude from the 'Trust'
  • Members getting new members thus creating an exponential increase

The aims of the 'Trust' were discussed. And the working party view was given

  • Establish a working relationship with the club board and the council
  • Plan for a stake-holding and board membership(needed for an informed view)
  • Establish community links
  • Is this what the membership wants? Concerns raised included
  • Aims look too similar to that of the clubs
  • Is the club only publicly stating these aims while not achieving them?
  • Is the 'Trust' too close to the club
  • What is the 'Trusts' position on the current power struggle?(for the members to decide)
  • The 'Trust' has to distinguish itself from the club
  • A working relationship between the 'Trust' and the club is required no matter who gets control
  • The possibility of a crisis reappearing in the near future and the need for the 'Trust' to be ready
  • The need for regular members meetings to develop a 'Trust' view

Details were given of ideas currently being considered, these included

  • Business sponsorship
  • 'Winter warmer' dinner/social event
  • Product branding
  • 'TrustSTFC football match
  • Merchandising
  • Small scale activities around events
Although there are a lot of other ideas, time is a big issue

Increasing membership
Awareness needs to be increased, plans to do this include

  • Getting the office open within the next two weeks
  • A list of FAQ's for supporters
  • More PR
  • Ideas from the membership/professional input

Next major event
National Anti Racist Week of Football 11th - 21st October. Coincides with our televised home Match with Cardiff

  • Event to be run in conjunction with 'Kick it out', supporters club and STFC
  • Club is keen but has no mechanism for mobilisation
  • United colours of football fanzine, kids fanzine, Tee shirts for ball boys, banners etc was discussed
  • Similar aims to the councils anti racist policy, so the council should be interested

Growing the 'trust'
As well as increasing the membership there is a need to increase the number of active members.

  • More 'leaders' to drive projects
  • More helpers to get involved generally
  • The Working party does not have a monopoly on good ideas

Will need to be held by the end of December and will include the election of seven officers

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Treasurer
  • Marketing
  • Community
  • Publicity
  • Membership

Other representatives will need to be co-opted, to include
  • Council
  • Disabled
  • Ethnic minorities
  • STFC staff

'TrustSTFC and an STFC AGM
The 'Trust' will vote in any forthcoming AGM/EGM. A trust view needs to be developed. To this aim it was suggested that both sides in the current boardroom struggle should be given the opportunity of presenting their case to the 'Trust' membership ahead of any AGM/EGM

Feedback and Q&A's
Appreciation of Leigh's presentation was given and the meeting was thrown open to general discussion

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